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Plastic Fabrication

This is the process of starting with a flat sheet and creating finished product from it through methods like routing and laser cutting, then bending, gluing and assembling. Fabrication is quite often the best way to create display stands in low numbers to help you maximise your product or service in the marketplace. Likewise however larger quantities can be manufactured due to the types of material used and it's finished purpose.

1. Laser cutting, routing and signwriting/engraving
2. Full range of colours and material types
3. Perfect for acrylic shelving earthquake proofing
4. Ideal for acrylic brochure & retail display shelving
5. Custom designed modern trophies for sports clubs, academic awards and corporate awards


This is the process of starting with sheet plastic and heating it over a tool/mould so that the plastic forms the required shape. Secondary processing means we can create holes/slots/shapes to suit the product's end use. This process is an alternative to injection moulding which requires much more expensive moulds, and a very high number of products to be produced.

1. Full range of colours
2. Different material types, depending on use
3. Perfect for bakery display trays
4. Ideal for food takeaway containers
5. Buckets, icetrays, car interior parts, creation of moulds, seedling trays, children's swimming pools

Examples of Plastic Fabrication, Thermoforming & Sheet Manipulation Products

Here are some examples of plastic fabrication, thermoforming and sheet manipulation products that we have produced. From concept to completion, we can offer technical advice about the best material to use and why, and the best method to produce for product longevity and cost effectiveness.

Earthquake Protection

Designed to prevent products from sliding off the front of shelves in earthquakes, these acrylic barriers allow products to still be seen through the clear plastic, while keeping stock safely on the shelves.

Bakery display trays

Routed acrylic cupcake display trays allow for appealing display of baked goods. Acrylic material is easy to clean and sanitise, perfect for use in supermarkets, bakeries, coffee shops and delis.

Mediboard Brochure Display Unit

Thermoformed brochure display unit with acrylic pocket fronts allows for the full brochure cover to be displayed. Easily accessible, easy to clean and easily installed. Perfect for medical centres.

Acrylic Display Shelving

These stackable acrylic display units allow the wine to be visible when approaching from any angle, maximising sales. Sturdy and easy to clean, they are an ideal way to showcase promotional bottles.

Acrylic Brochure Display

Designed to maximise the brochure display by the use of acrylic material so that the brochure cover is visible through the shelving unit. Clever design allows for maximum number of brochures due to the tiered system.

Drum Cover

Drum protection covers for the 44gallon/200 litre drum. High quality cover that protects the drum contents as well as prolonging the use of the drum by reducing the on-set of rust and contamination. Ideal for outdoor use as well as undercover/indoor warehouse situations.
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For the design and engraving of trophies, custom made to whatever you want. Any material - acrylics, wood etc - or mix of both. From design to engraving - we do the lot. We don't hold stock - just make to order.

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